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Emotional Healing

Marriage Recovery

Sensory Restoration

Stop being stuck in life…

We know what it’s like to get trapped by trauma, PTSD, and grief. It’s painfully crippling. You don’t have to stay in this place. Our licensed professional counseling can get you moving forward and take you to your maximum potential.

Biblical Transformation

Christian counseling that works!

Solving Root Problems

We work with the “whole person” to bring healing to the mind, body, and spirit. Getting to the root issues is our expertise.  Bridge of Hope helps people who want change in their life by training them to process pain and/or sensory struggles in counseling sessions and group classes.

Personal Counseling

Find healing for children, adults, and relationships through person counseling offered by Bridge of Hope.   

Marriage Counseling

Bridge of Hope can help restore your marriage and build the lasting relationship that you long for with your spouse.

Group Classes

Our classes on Emotional Intelligence can help you gain the street smarts to succeed. Learn how to manage stress and find healing in our art classes.

How we get Results

1. Discovery

We learn your temperament, past experiences, and current struggles.


2. Evaluation

Armed with the right knowledge we determine your the root issues behind your pain.

3. Solutions

We train you with Biblical solutions to strengthen your resilience.

4. Victory

Through counseling your hand is held as you learn to walk out God’s word.

"I found your insight into family and marriage relationships to be very deep. I feel that you had your fingers on the pulse of the cause of problems, a very good understanding of those problems and the proper solution to those problems using Christian principles."

Ray Morgan
Granite City, Illinois

"Dr. Fabing has a unique way of encouraging others by equipping the saints with tools to identify problem areas in our lives, restoring us to completeness and encouraging us to a victorious life in the Lord. His warm and pleasant personality only made it a pleasure to have him speak at our church."

Lorraine Sova
Racine, Wisconsin7

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