Caregiving Course

Aquire caregiving skills and learn to manage your emotions while serving those in need.

Course Content

Caregiving starts with taking care of yourself.
Grief and caregiving.
Children with special needs.
Being a parent to foster, grand, or step-children.
Caring for addiction issues.
Caring for parent, grandparent, or spouse.
Caring for yourself while helping others.
End of life.

Caregiving Course

This course is a complete presentation of all aspects of caregiving. The environment is related to various places of encounter depending on the topic discussed. This caregiver course is for the caregiver and those needing care. A six-week course offers insight into taking care of yourself and others. Starting with the fundamental importance of – you must be healthy to care for someone else. Along with this is the importance of routines. Routines help to keep stress down. How to deal with grief during caregiving is covered. Also, how taking care of people can bring joy and sorrow.

Topics discussed are children with special needs and how to care for a foster child, grandchild, or step-child that may come into a home. These children may not have been raised the same way you parent, so you must adjust. In our world today, it is easy for an individual to turn to drugs or alcohol in hopes of curing their pain. Help is fundamental in getting them healthy and away from their addictions. Caring for your parents, grandparents, or step-parents when they are aged and or disabled: The question is, do you have the resources to keep them at home? Remembering to care for yourself is always crucial. If you are exhausted and feeling worn out, you aren’t helping anyone. Always remember to take time for yourself and prayer. A final discussion will be about the end of life. The choices you may or can take when you know death is imminent.

More detail includes how to specifically process your well-being daily by developing a caregiving routine in lesson one. The instructor will explain burdens, burnout, and three ways to relieve burdens and burnout. Burnout is of enormous concern, but little talked about; therefore, the instructor will cover this subject in depth.

Goal development is a large part of lesson one. Lesson two includes “what grief is” by stages, symptoms, and treatment. The instructor will cover your functional health and unhealthy manifestations of grieving. Lesson three relates to the executive functioning of special needs children. All issues with anyone begin with organizing, planning, and strategizing. “8 Great Smarts”, sensory focus, and brain right and left delays are covered. Introduced in lesson four: attachment and play therapy. Time management, stress resources, challenges, self-regulation, needs, occupational therapy, motor skills, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and attitude finish the last half of the course. A sound decision for you and those you care for would be to take this course for future knowledge before these issues need attention. This course relates to caregivers and clients who can take the course.

From Dr. Fabing: Amanda Lawson is the perfect caregiving teacher for this class for caregivers and those being cared for. She has been a charge nurse at three facilities, including Southeast MO Mental Health Center.

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