Is your church vibrant, exciting, and growing?
That is what churches and pastors want. However, 80 – 90% of churches in America are stagnant or declining in attendance. The life and energy people wish for just isn’t there and the hope of some churches even surviving is fading as it slowly declines. Pastors are in need of solutions, but where do they turn?

That is why Bridge of Hope Ministries has teamed up with Church Revitalization Ministries to bring hope to churches. Our efforts are driven by the desire to see all churches be vibrant, growing and touching lives as God works through them.

Our process for your Church’s Revitalization:
Our approach centers on helping the pastor understand the condition of their church. Once the pastor believes they are in need of church revitalization, the pastor contacts our Church Revitalization Team for a no cost consultation. If the church is in need of revitalization, our next step is to perform a detailed analysis of the church to determine the deficiencies that are preventing it from being healthy. Next, we design specific strategies for the church to reverse their condition. Then our Revitalization Team personally meets with your church leadership to discuss our findings and provide real solutions to your leadership team. This portion of our service will be performed at our training facility or at your church. Our costs are very reasonable and can vary depending on the size of the church.

Pastor, how well is your church functioning? How successful do you feel in your ministry? To assess how you and your church are performing, please consider the following questions.

Pastor Questionnaire:

  1. Do you often find yourself discouraged in your ministry?
  2. Do you feel like you are working harder and harder and the church is not growing?
  3. Have you had difficulties fulfilling the church’s mission statement?
  4. Do you think your church could operate more efficiently?
  5. Are there areas that elders/deacons need to improve in order to support you as pastor?
  6. Do you find yourself feeling like you are never rested and refreshed?
  7. Do church members ask you to make decisions about simple church matters?
  8. Do you feel like the church is stuck and nothing will change it?
  9. Have you spent little to no time training potential leaders?
  10. Is your family getting the “leftovers” of your time and energy?

If you answered “yes” to two or more of these questions you and your church are in need of change. Your current situation will not change until you take steps to do so. That is why we are here. Our services begin with a free consultation with our Church Revitalization Specialist, Paul Eye. Based on our free consultation the church can purchase additional services which includes an analysis of your church’s systems, organization, and records. Upon its completion, a presentation of our findings to the church’s leadership and, most importantly, specific solutions are recommended for the church to implement so they can become healthy and growing.

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​Please contact Paul Eye today to set up your free consultation and let us help you in your ministry and bring new life to your church. Please email him directly at

Paul Eye, B.S. in Business administration and a ThM. He has pastored three churches, served on church staff and ministered in multiple church capacities for over 30 years. He serves Bridge of Hope Ministries as First Vice President of Church Revitalization.

Paul Eye, ThM.


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