Your stuff can interfere with your life! We can help.

Too often there is a tendency to not take care of our physical needs due to letting things we possess have control over time, money and energy and dictate what we do.

Through decades of counseling we have learned that a large percentage of our society is distracted and disorganized. They have difficulty with critical thinking, attending to the simply tasks of daily life and struggle with where to start to get organized.

Our Process

The process begins with an extensive evaluation of your personality traits. This is followed by counseling to uncover the triggers and causes that have led to your unhealthy situation.

Next, we visit the site to observe and develop a plan to declutter and reorganize to get your life under control.

My passion is to help you solve this intrusion on your life and then prepare you to monitor your own behavior so you can continue to live free of clutter, hoarding, piling and chronic disorganization.

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Remember, if it looks, acts or smells like clutter, hoarding, piling or chronic disorganization – IT IS!

Hello! I'm Dr. Fabing

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), PhD

Over the last 50 years, I have counseled individuals ranging from suicidal to those wanting to manage stress better. My expertise is quickly getting to the root issues troubling the whole person (mind, body, and spirit). I equip people with the Biblical tools they need to overcome the trials of life. God has a design for how we manage stress. When we follow His pattern it empowers us to live with the happiness we all desire. Set up an appointment today and I will help you maximize your potential in Christ Jesus.


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