Divorce Recovery

Process, grow, and heal from life’s biggest setback.

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Divorce Recovery
Growing through a divorce
Processing stress
Anger Inventory
The former spouse
Single Parenting
Blended Family

Divorce Recovery Course

The Divorce Recovery course is a very focused environment with specific topics about grief and how to process it. It takes at least two years to begin to process this loss. There is loss at the notification and, usually, over a year later, a harder-hitting actual divorce to process the grief. It is impossible to process what happened without help. Many start new relationships before the divorce is final, complicating life even more. When children are involved, it usually is challenging for them even if it looks otherwise.

So, what is divorce recovery? Maybe a better answer would be to say what divorce recovery is not. It’s not about going through a divorce but growing through a divorce. Divorce recovery is a program that helps a man or woman who has or will go through a divorce situation. Whether reconcilable or irreconcilable differences are there or not! It is a course to be taken even if remarried to identify continued issues.

Divorce Recovery is a course that realistically gives the individual real hope and encouragement from the Word of God.
Sometimes we must “go” through a series of roller coasters and “grow” through those times.

Sometimes people don’t believe that this is happening to them (denial), which stress causes a lot of bad decision-making. One of the things we teach in Divorce Recovery is “make no decision in your duress.” When stress comes upon a child of God (divorce), we encourage them to deal with that stress in a Godly manner and with practical applications.

We learn that discipline is a key to managing stress. We define discipline as; doing what must be done, when it must be done, as well as it can be done, every single time! Stress is how you react physically and emotionally to change. You can learn to manage it, but you can’t control it. We even discuss that there is hope for children of divorce as well. God still takes those nasty ashes of divorce and turns them into something beautiful! When an individual goes through the eight-week course, they will hopefully start to see the “light at the end of the tunnel,” so to speak.

From Dr. Fabing: Jerry Jensen teaches from deep compassion from his life pain, including divorce. When he first came to counseling, he often sobbed through sessions as if there was no hope. He is an excellent example of “beauty from ashes” and now encourages others with the Hope of Jesus.

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