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Emotional Intelegence

Art Therapy

Counseling Training

Understanding Emotions

Our emotions are constantly telling us things but do you know how to interpret them? Few people were ever instructed on how to understand their own emotions. When you understand emotions it will empower you to overcome the things that stress you out. Come to our understanding emotions course and discover what you wish you always knew before!

Healing Art

Everyone processes life’s trials differently. In our art class, we provide you with opportunities to learn how to deal with stress and pain through artistic expression. You will learn to use art as an outlet to release the feelings that get trapped within. If you are looking for healing and freedom, join our class today!

Caregiving Course

Caregiving can be one of the most rewarding opportunities of our lives. In order to be successful at caregiving, you need to acquire the required skills and learn how to manage your emotions while helping others. In this course, we cover all aspects of caregiving. When you complete this course you will be ready to help those in need and find joy in the process. Register for the next open course today!

Divorce Recovery

Divorce has a massive impact on everyone who is near to it and many people never take the time to process what is happening. In fact, it usually takes two years to really process a loss like divorce. If you are facing a divorce or already have, then you have a unique opportunity to grow through this experience. By taking our divorce recovery we will help you apply the Biblical principles to your experience to help you not only recover, but also grow. Sign up and we will help you find healing!

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual gifts often seem mysterious and confusing to those within the church. We don’t know our gifts and we don’t know how to apply them to our lives. If you want to see God’s power in your life and ministry then you need to start using the Spiritual gifts you have been given. Our course will help you discover your unique giftings and how God is calling you to use them. Sign up today to see the power of God working through your service in His kingdom.

Bible Training

Do you lack confidence that you know and understand the Bible when you read it by yourself? Knowing how to study the scriptures is key to Christian growth and spiritual maturity. Our course will equip you with the tools to be able to understand what you are reading in God’s word and help you get the most out of your quiet time with God. Sign up for our class today!

Hope Institute

We all know people in need of restoration, but often don’t know how to help. Now you can be equipped to make a difference in your community by learning the proven methods that a 50 year counseling veteran has developed over his carrier. Dr. Fabing shares all his key practical insights in his 9 course certification program to empower people to restore others through counseling. If you are a lay person, church leader, or professional counselor wanting to learn or deepen your ability to restore others then sign up for the Hope Institute today!

Upcoming Conferences

We hold regular one day conferences on topics ranging from Mental Health & Healing to God’s Call to Manhood. If you are wanting to grow spiritually or improve your mental functioning then our one day conferences will be great for you. Click the button below to see all the conference coming up and register to be part of our events. We look forward to helping you develop your knowledge and character.

Hello! I’m Dr. Fabing

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), PhD

Over the last 50 years, I have counseled individuals ranging from suicidal to those wanting to manage stress better. My expertise is quickly getting to the root issues troubling the whole person (mind, body, and spirit). I equip people with the Biblical tools they need to overcome the trials of life. God has a design for how we manage stress. When we follow His pattern it empowers us to live with the happiness we all desire. Set up an appointment today and I will help you maximize your potential in Christ Jesus.

"I would just go off the handle and feel like my emotions were controlling me. Now I control my emotions. I have a better relationship with my husband and kids."

A Mom
Farmington, MO

"I learned how to cope with my fears at school and can use words instead of my fists."

6th Grade Boy
Farmington, MO

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