• Are you wishing to deepen the relationship, the closeness and the intimacy that once made your relationship so special?
  • Does it seem like you can’t stop the cycle of anger, blame, arguments and withdrawal?
  • Is your relationship starving for affection, romance or passion?
  • Does the relationship feel like way too much work–and you don’t see evidence this is going to change?

​Frequently a couple who has been together for years slowly loses their closeness, their friendship, the excitement of being together and their passion for each other. They can have feelings of “being stuck”, loneliness, or not belonging. They can develop an unhealthy daily life structure or lack intimacy. Issues of past abuse, trauma or grief issues can damage the marriage relationship. Conflicts, disagreements, hurtful words, angry fights, threats, betrayals of trust and emotional withdrawal can also damage the closeness and the connection between a couple who was once extremely close and connected. In our Marriage Intensives there are answers to the above issues.

Dr. Raymond Fabing has been counseling couples for over 50 years. When you call his office, you’ll speak to him. He works directly with the couple from start to finish. Specifics of your marriage intensive will be hand-molded and customized to the issues or conflicts in your relationship. You will feel listened to, valued and empathized with throughout each of the sessions. Our intensives include personality profiles which identify traits and tendencies of each person, homework to process between sessions and a last day summary session.


Learn how to…

  • Repair what’s wrong in your relationship
  • Reconnect with each other
  • Communicate effectively
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Reduce anger, arguments, withdrawal and mean-spirited comments
  • Begin to restore trust
  • Put romance and passion back into your relationship
  • Reduce tensions between the two of you

It’s never too late to fall back in love.

It’s never too late to repair what’s wrong and create the close, connected relationship you want.

What to Expect

  • Your sessions will run from Monday – Thursday, with 2 sessions each day
  • A summary session on Friday morning

What to do to Schedule your Marriage Intensive?

  • Call and schedule your Marriage Intensive at least 2 weeks ahead
  • Please contact us for information on rates and signing up.
  • Each spouse should send a one page summary of your 3 main issues you would like to solve

Hello! I'm Dr. Fabing

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), PhD

Over the last 50 years, I have counseled individuals ranging from suicidal to those wanting to manage stress better. My expertise is quickly getting to the root issues troubling the whole person (mind, body, and spirit). I equip people with the Biblical tools they need to overcome the trials of life. God has a design for how we manage stress. When we follow His pattern it empowers us to live with the happiness we all desire. Set up an appointment today and I will help you maximize your potential in Christ Jesus.


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