Spiritual Gifts

Learn your Spiritual Gifts and put them to use!

Course Content

Going the distance with your gift.
Who are you? Your shape, passion, heart.
Temperament Profile – Now I understand me.
More processing of “Now I understand me and you”.
“Binding the Strongman” for life and ministry.
Leadership/Mentoring/Unique Ministry Issues
Spiritual Warfare and Mapping
Pastoral Leadership, Accountability Questions, Organizational Charts, and Casting a Vision for your group

Spiritual Gifts Course

Our Spiritual Gifts course is the most comprehensive presentation you will find anywhere. The definition of “calling” is on page one.

The first session clearly defines Ministry, Motivational, and Manifestation Gifts. Session two extends to passion, gifts, and style. The same passion can have different gifts and styles. This session begins to answer the critical question: “Where do I fit?”. Then temperament, your inborn genetic imprint, is covered from your profile. Temperament is followed by understanding spiritual strongholds that work against you.

Fruits of the Spirit, teaching principles, spiritual disciplines, ministry development, and church growth all relate to spiritual gifts in the church. Spiritual warfare, mapping, pastoral leadership accountability, and organizational vision finish the course.

Raymond Fabing has studied spiritual gifts and temperaments for many years. He pastored in two churches that, in 14 months, each church doubled in size and maturity with these understandings.

From Dr. Fabing: Jerry Jensen and I taught this class together three times. He is an excellent teacher.

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