Ministry Development

Ministry Development

Ministry Development

Ministry Development exists to encourage spiritual leaders, create community, and heal. Choices can be combined in your time schedule.

Your Choices

  • Hope Institute training for counseling, leadership, mentoring

  • Marriage: Teaching, Retreat, Conference

  • Marriage Intensives: A week of sessions at our office

  • God’s Call to Manhood

  • God’s Call to Womanhood

  • Church Revitalization
  • Family Camp – Weekend

  • Leadership Conference

I have known Dr. Fabing for the last twenty years. During that time, I have observed a ministry (Bridge of Hope) that is consistent in its purpose and growing in its efforts to help hurting people. As a pastor, I know that Dr. Fabing’s teaching of God’s Call to Manhood/Womanhood helped encourage and build up our
congregation. My wife and I opened The Legacy Ranch which is a home for troubled boys. Dr. Fabing was instrumental in helping put together a Dream Team of therapists that hold to our same vision and purpose. I have attended youth conferences put on by Bridge of Hope as well as Ministry Development & Church Growth. Everyone in ministry needs to be encouraged once in a while. Dr. Fabing does a great job of empowering churches to rally around the vision of their pastor.

Blessed to be associated with Dr. Fabing,

Lennie Fincher, 20 years as Pastor of The Connection Church

I was able to be a part of some different outreaches and my spirit was renewed with other pastors and church leaders in the ministry.

  • At the Ministry Development and Church Growth Conference – held at Cadet Baptist Church – we had a great time in the teachings and we learned what our calling is as a follower of Christ. Leadership always starts with us, and we must have the right heart to hear Him, in order to accomplish what is set before us.
  • Marriage Retreat – was held at First Free Will Baptist Church in Farmington and was a blessing to better understand yourself and spouse….why we say and do the things we do. A true understanding of our covenant to each other and to the Lord.
  • Regional Youth Conference – was held at Fellowship Free Will Baptist Church in Park Hills. A conference designed of teen’s struggles and issues. Healthy relationships, sexuality issues, addictions, depression, hope for children of divorce, worldly issues, and more.
  • Family Camp – is a camp like no other. Taking the family out of their homes to get away from the normal life….to un-plug, reconnect, is like no other camp or conference!! Family’s start  to understand each other’s feelings, hurts, and hang ups then working them out together….it is true healing with forgiveness. I have seen family’s lives change in ways that you would never think were possible, but with God all things are possible….and He proves it in these settings and teachings.
Jane Parker, 10 years as Event Coordinator for Bridge of Hope Ministries

While attending the April 28, 2018 board/staff meeting for Bridge of Hope Ministries, something struck me as I sat there listening to Dr. Raymond Fabing. Everything he shared with us about Bridge of Hope and its ministries gave me a few things that I could take home and be thankful for.

1) His vision to share counseling helps from a Biblical Counseling standpoint was growing. That was evidenced by more people graduating from the Hope Institute. It has always been a blessing for me to watch and see because you finally feel like somebody else has more information from a biblical standpoint and they can use it for counseling in whatever ministry that God calls them to.

2) The other thing that I was struck by is everything that Dr. Fabing was telling us he was using the word “our”. There was never the word “my” or “I”, but it was “our” or “we”.

3) A successful ministry is not run by one person. He has taught and trained others so that the ministry he started has grown.

In this I am confident: the ministry that God called Dr. Fabing to will continue long after we have passed away, due to the exemplary training “WE” have received. Knowing that God’s word does multiply. I have the utmost of respect and gratitude for Dr. Fabing and the Bridge of Hope Ministries staff.

Jerry Jensen, 6 years with Restoration Pointe Ministry

“I was immediately struck by Mr. Fabing’s hard work, commitment and sincerity to provide quality services in the social service and mental health field.”

Howard Rosenthal, Ed.D., NCC, LPC, Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor

“It seems to me that what you are doing is of immense importance and certainly relevant to church settings today.”

Ted Bryson, Vice President-Development

“Raymond Fabing conducted several courses at our church on Practical Intervention. It was very helpful to us to train lay counselors and keep them focused on scripture. Raymond did a good job of both.”

Pastor Terry Roberts, Faith Christian Fellowship of Warrenton
I would like to take a few moments of your time to express my appreciation for your recent Men’s Conference. I found your insight into family and marriage relationships to be very deep.
Ray Morgan, Granite City, Illinois

Dr. Raymond Fabing from Bridge of Hope came to our church to present Practical Intervention from Hope Institute.

He has a unique way of encouraging others by equipping the saints with tools to identify problem areas in our lives, restoring us to completeness and encouraging us to a victorious life in the Lord.

He explains the importance of how our attitudes affect our lives and why we need to communicate. He explains how to understand our own God given temperament and how to understand the temperaments of those we have relationships with.

He is acutely aware of the importance of the Holy Spirit. He relies on the Holy Spirit to lead us in our lives as well.

I recommend Dr. Fabing highly for counseling the oppressed as well as teaching counseling techniques to lay members of the church.

His warm and pleasant personality only made it a pleasure to have him speak at our church. We look forward to having him return.

Lorriane Sova, Fellowship of Christian Believers, Racine, WI.

“I have found Dr. Fabing to be a hard working organized individual with a high level of integrity. He has excelling skills in developing rapport, assessment, treatment planning and appropriate termination of therapeutic relationships.

In my work with the State of Missouri Children’s Division over the last ten years I have had the opportunity to work with countless helping professionals as members of multidisciplinary teams. I have also hired and supervised numerous employees and currently am responsible for training employees and supervisors. This experience has helped me develop a clear understanding of desirable qualities for employees in helping professions. Dr. Fabing has these qualities.”

Shelley R. Baker, MSW, Staff Trainer, State of Missouri Children’s Division

“Over the years of my college career I have had many opportunities to work with practicum supervisors. Generally, the supervisors want to make the process prompt so they do not need to be bothered by the student for an extended period of time. However, I need you to know that Dr. Fabing was quite different.”

Bethany Deal, Missouri Baptist Graduate Student

“Bridge of Hope is more than a counseling center offering therapeutic Biblical counseling for the Church. They are working with local pastors and Kingdom communities to give instruction and aid to the Body of Christ. Dr. Fabing, founder and director, accepts invitations to minister to special subjects of concern in congregations, leads marriage retreats, or facilitates special meetings. With a history as a Church Planter, Pastor, and Staff Pastor, he understands the issues of leadership, the dynamics of staff relationships, and the challenges of the position in regard to the church and family.”

Pastor Roy Bearden, The Miracle Center

“Dr. Fabing’s ministry has included the development of a very effective series of courses that are designed to aide both pastors and lay people in fulfilling the call of God on their lives (Hope Institute). Dr. Fabing has organized and conducted numerous conferences where he has trained numerous pastors in the areas of administration, counseling and care giving. Each of these areas have been designed to aide the pastoral staff in effectively coordinating their activities for maximum effectiveness.”

Dr. Harry Drennan, Journey In Truth Ministries

“Recently, Dr. Raymond Fabing and the Bridge of Hope Ministries staff did the
‘Hope for Children of Divorce’ classes at our church. I was very pleased to see how much thought, hard work & effort went into ministering to our children and students. At first, I had several students very reluctant to attend such a class, but after spending some time with the BOH staff, the students were engaged. I have the utmost of respect and gratitude for Dr. Fabing and the Bridge of Hope Ministries staff.”

Pastor Joshua Kennon, 1st Free Will Baptist Church

I have been employed by a Fortune 100 Corporation for the past 18 years and I am on their management team. Dr. Fabing is the most professional person that I’ve dealt with in all my experience in leadership. Cape Girardeau, MO

Brent Niswonger